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My journey home

As a little girl I didn’t understand the world around me. Why do people fight? Why does war exist? Why do certain people live in poverty? I preferred to stay as far away from this truth as possible. It was hurting me. I felt unsafe and not at home in my thoughts, my body and the world I was surrounded by. I felt alone in an unknown world. Asking, “why do I feel this way?” And “Why am I here?”. 

I knew I was here for a reason, and that is what kept me going. From an early age I have fought to make this world my home, and every day here I continue walking this journey. A journey towards self. A journey in which I have been accompanied and sometimes carried by many others. They helped me remember the way my home looks, feels and smells. As part of my journey, I have felt pain and had to let go so that I could feel lighter than ever before. I have had to fall down to stand back up, every time a little stronger. I have gone forwards and backwards, with others and mostly alone. There has been darkness and light. From external to internal and the other way around. I have been through a journey to my truth and finding deep trust. A journey to love, to home. 

It is beautiful, it is one big adventure. It is satisfying. And most importantly, it gives peace. My journey has allowed me to realise that the closer I get to home, the happier I feel.

Without love there isn’t any space to return home. What if I told you that I want to share this love with you? I wish you love, I wish to help you on Your Journey Home.